The Pals


The PALs (Plein Air League) are a group of artists living and painting in the Richmond, Virginia area. The Pals are part of the 35 Mile Association and local farmer’s markets. The Crossroads Arts Center and the Goochland Fine Arts Gallery are among the venues that show our work.   Sarah Jayne, an accomplished art instructor, provided the genesis for PALs when she taught a series of painting classes.  Most of the PALs are part of the Tuckahoe Artists Association and their works appear in multiple shows each year.  While some of our members have been painting for decades, the PALs have been showing their work since 2006.

We enjoy each other’s company and help encourage each other to grow in our craft and to pursue continued improvements in our techniques.  PALs has travelled to painting workshops both in Virginia and in other states.


Plein Air League